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Revalue the Peace photo exhibit

Revalue the Peace photo exhibit

The notion of security and safety of an individual is a global value that leads to harmony and creativity. Peace is intertwined with safety, security, and harmony which is incompatible with the war.

It is of great importance to redefine and revalue the concept of peace both universally and individually. Also, it is essential to present and illustrate to the world the way someone perceives peace. If you feel sensitive over the topic, have a say, and love to photograph, you are more than welcome to join our exhibit. 

We are pleased to welcome photo inputs for the photo exhibit entitled “Revalue the Peace”. 

Please find all the technical requirements below:

  • minimum 1000px one side length
  • minimum 500kb file size

By filling the form below you allow FYN to use your submitted photos for commercial and other purposes.

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