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I am Lusine Kosakyan, the co-founder of FYN

I am Lusine Kosakyan,  the co-founder of FYN

The idea of having a youth network that will operate in my town and aim to bring together and empower local youth, has emerged over time through different experiences, of conversations and inspirations.

Living and growing up in Berd city, I was an active, aspiring young woman who tried her best at that time. As I was continuing my education in the capital, I was clearly seeing the gaps of all the opportunities my peers had unlike me. Over time volunteering, participating in a number of local and international programs, developing my life skills, I realized that I had a chance to make a positive impact in my community. Since 2015, I’ve been organizing visits to Berd, organisation classes, workshops, discussions with youth and  women. Leter, when I got vocational education in human rights and democracy, and accumulated enough experience and networking to start public activity, on October 16, 2017, our organization was officially founded. Five years have passed since  foundation and the organization has passed a huge development path. However, I have to separate that it took us several years for an ideological final creation. We experienced a few years of informal education and tools and methods of  civil activism in the past two years. As a result, the structure and team of the organization was strengthened and the community expanded both geographically and in quantity and knowledge.

I am on the Frontline Youth Network for Peacebuilding, Human Rights and Green Ideology 

In FYN consider my work personal responsibility towards my community. All my work is aimed at making positive changes in the community, society, and beyond in human rights, sustainable peace. Inside the organization, I have a lot of moves to work and operate, I am personally encouraged to see the results of the work done, to catch the eyes of young people who have gained new knowledge and look at life with new eyes, the enthusiasm of girls, creating new opportunities, seeing  how locals use or at least have a chance to communicate various changes.

I can say that our works are aimed at the above. Generally speaking, FYN was created as a platform for young people who have less opportunity to use their potential. If I summarize in one sentence why FYN is elected peacebuilding, human rights and green ideologies, then i’ll say that our vision of having a fair, equal, and peaceful society allows us to believe that adoption of these ideas can make a difference in our community and therefore in the world. Today, FYN is a community-based heart that lives the community with the potential of young people in the future. 

 I am in and out of FYN – dreaming, planning, acting and analyzing 

Working within this organization, I don’t have lines that separate me in my daily lids and work. I think everyone on our team is like this. As for us, I don’t may not mention that within FYN we are united by motivation and faith to make positive changes. When it comes to this, I want to emphasize that FYN originally believed that young people are at the forefront  of every change. By the way, the word frontline symbolizes not only our geography, but also this belief. Youth is a renewable and developing resource, so we are based on that  resource.

 Most of our work has a youth work component that we try to develop youth as individuals as a citizen and to see mutual values.

Answered a few question about myself to know me 

My mornings starts when i plan my day (sometimes the other day or earlier)

It irritates me, which sometimes focuses a lot more on the problem, which would be nice to have more energy allocated to problem solving.

Sometimes I get discouraged  when my expectations don’t meet.

I motivate the positive outcome of work. 

I dream every day. 

I often catch myself thinking that I’m in a different place and time. 

Sometimes I work hard because that’s how I need to be tired. 

 At FYN  I feel like a mom. 

Sometimes I get angry/ nervous when communication is not smooth.  

There are days when I have to do self care. 

I often forget that after work I still have to live  after working.

In FYN the most I love/ appreciate the care and dedication of people.

At FYN I don’t like many phone conversations.

 FYN is my care of me. 

Need to join FYN because here you can change you and the word. 

Saturday, Sunday, like any other day I have to work, relax, love and live.

I am at peace when I do what I love. 

I have faith, energy and a dog. 

I am guided by the idea that we create the weather first within ourselves and then around us.