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We stand for Peacebuilding. Human rights. Envoirmentalism.

Frontline Youth Network (FYN) is a community of young people aimed at connecting and empowering young people from rural and borderline communities.

Our mission is to create a resource center for youth – ensuring cooperation that enables many young people to move from problems into sustainable solutions. Through our work, we want to bring youth perspectives into the existing peacebuilding, green, and human rights discourses in our country.

Our vision is to have a sustainable active community where young people are involved in policy-making and decision-making processes. We create resource opportunities, promote networking, provide mentorship and training for young leaders in order to make positive contributions to our communities, society and beyond.

Our values: peace, green, feminism, inclusive, participation, empowerment

What we do?

Diversity in the activities, methods, approaches, tools and priorities is a key element for FYN in its work of empowering youth in their communities.
The current public event methods of topical deliverables are as follows:

We believe that non-formal education methodology, being interactive, participatory and experiential, responds to the needs and interests of young people, is based on the values of inclusion and democracy, and offers more meaningful empowerment for youth. NFE as a method is a basis for each activity of FYN. It also includes seminars, training, workshops, mentorship, study visits, debate, simulations, discussion, etc.

“Seed the Change” Summer School is designed for young people aged 16-24 who want to deepen their knowledge in the fields of activism, advocacy, education, environment, human rights and peacebuilding. The Summer School is implemented in the form of non-formal education.

Our 5-day long Summer School includes daily thematic workshops (both theoretical and practical), morning and evening activities, yoga, movie screenings, table games and more. The training is organized based on the “Seed the Change” youth activism toolkit.

Following the four days of the school, FYN will hold the General Assembly, which meets annually and discusses the organization’s strategic development plans and future goals as well as runs Executive Committee membership elections. Participants will have the opportunity to monitor and observe democratic processes and gain valuable insights into the organization and FYN structure from within.

Open door cinema is meant to become a community center and alternative entertainment for youth

  1. to connect, educate and inspire 
  2. to bring young people’s perspectives on the stage
  3. and to address issues that matter to them.

Open door cinema is like the beating heart enabling youth development, empowerment and inspiration. It is a simple, flexible and transferable idea -run by young people to support youth-led initiatives.

Peace exhibits are an integrated part of FYN’s annual work plan since 2018. The idea is to spread the culture of dialogue and peace and bring positive changes in our society. 

See in the gallery:

“Act to get to Peace” 2018 Berd

“Act for Peace” 2019 Istanbul

“Peace Begins from You” 2020 online

FYN starts to practice a social enterprise to ensure sustainability and generate value-driven products. We have just kicked off two different handmade board games available to purchase:

  • “KhaghaghaSER” is a series of handmade games on the topics of peace and conflict with the format of the most famous party game of Alias family.
  • “UNIplay” is a game of skills and fun for young people on housing matters with the format of well-known Ladders and Snakes format.

From March 2020 FYN is a member of the Cooperation and Development Network, Eastern Europe. We are keen to invest in strengthening its ties with CDN and its members, and thus widen our green network to contribute to youth-led and youth-driven green advocacy in Eastern Europe.

FYN is open and responsive to all initiatives that correspond to its values, are within its capacities, and to the interest and benefit for its members. Hereby we would like to stress our importance of cooperation with different stakeholders on a local and international level.

When things change inside you, things change around you. Whether it’s peace of mind or peace on earth you’re after, it all begins with making an effort to be more calm and present․ This is the idea behind YOGA.
Yoga as exercise is a physical activity, yoga as a spiritual concept is the union of body, mind, and spirit.
For the first time, yoga class is organized for young women and girls of Berd by Frontline Youth Network

We believe in Feminist, Green, and Peace ideologies.Our work is based on inclusivity, participation, and empowerment.


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