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Teamwork, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas are the hallmarks of Frontline Youth Network, thus making the organizational structure horizontal. There are three main bodies in the structure that share common resources and make input accordingly.


The highest decision-making body is the General Assembly (GA), which meets annually and brings together all members of the organization. During the GA, members review and approve reports, plans, and strategic decisions for the Network.


The Executive Committee (EC) is an advisory board that is elected during the GA. The EC is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the impact of the FYN's annual work plan, representing and promoting FYN during its and partners' activities, and engaging in decision-making throughout the year based on the FYN strategy and its best interests.


The Secretariat is the team of current employees who manage the day-to-day operations of the Network. The team consists of multidimensional and multi-tasking professionals and is led by the Network Manager to ensure a smooth workflow. The Secretariat is responsible for managing, planning, fundraising, evaluating, reporting, and making other day-to-day decisions.


Ambassadors are FYN members who are free to join any thematic or structural working groups. They may observe, actively participate, and lobby for internal and strategic changes. Ambassadors are an integral consultative part of the Network in terms of need assessment, ideation, and validation of any important actions.


Working groups (WG's) are independent thematic or structural teams that help the Network in specific matters and serve as a platform for members with similar interests to self-realize. These working groups are a valuable source of expertise and input for the organization, and they play an important role in shaping the FYN's activities and initiatives.