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Teamwork, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas are the hallmarks of Frontline Youth Network, thus making the organizational structure horizontal. There are three main bodies in the structure that share common resources and make input accordingly.

Our team

is the team of current employees who manage, plan, fundraise, evaluate, report, etc. The team consists of multidimensional and multi-tasking professionals to ensure a smooth workflow.

(EC) is a volunteer-based electing body that works on fulfilling FYN activity plans. EC represents and promotes FYN during its and partners’ activities as well as in the digital space. EC is actively engaged in decision-making throughout the year based on the strategy and FYN’s best interest.

(WG) is a mediating body to ensure bottom-up dimensions. WGs engage youth that is not affiliated with the Network Therefore, WGs are open to individual members and are not limited by FYN membership. WGs contribute to exploring the topics, regional cooperation as well as methodological diversities of FYN. FYN envisions WG as an independent body with a consultative role when it comes to topical expertise and support their initiatives to plan and implement projects that resonate with FYN’s needs and expectations. As the level of independence still varies between different working groups, FYN will strive to secure funding for WG meetings that will also serve as space for WGs to learn from each other’s good practices.