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Everything starts from one person and with one action. Aren’s story

Everything starts from one person and with one action. Aren’s story

My name is Aren Dallakyan and I am from Vanadzor. I am 17 years old, I am a sociable, positive and hardworking person. I have many interests that have nothing to do with one another, such as media, business, marketing, photography, basketball, etc. From the diversity of my interests you should have realized that it is impossible to get bored with me. I love to communicate with people of different nationalities, to discover their habits and the cultural “colors” of the world. I don’t know why but I want to tell all of you that I love eating pizza.

Now telling about my volunteering and activism actions,  Rag’n’Bone Man ’s Human song came to my mind. I associate youth and activism with yellow color, I do not know why but I am getting inspired by that color. I think that the youth is the force that can change the world. I believe that everything starts with taking a simple step while sitting and waiting for something is simply a waste of time. Aren is one of the graduates of the “Seed the Change” camp (հայ․՝ սերմանելOFF փոփոխությON). Graduating from the camp he was so inspired by the work of the FYN team that decided to share the same knowledge and experience to the youth of Vanadzor, writing the Development of Vanadzor’s youth sub-grant program, which consisted of three seminars. Having the partnership withCinemArt NGO, the meetings were held in their place among the guests speakers were Arthur Sukiasyan (Director of AdvocArt Law Office, on “Fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms”), Arthur Sakunts (Helsinki The director of the Vanadzor office of the Civil Assembly, on the topic “Karabakh-Azerbaijani conflict, its possible solutions”), Gevorg Kotanjyan (director of the “Direct Democracy” NGO, on the topic “Human impact on Nature”).

The program went better than expected, and the result justified the expectations. The youth of Vanadzor were not only interested in the topics, but also initiated new discussions after the program, displaying remarkable activity by participating in other programs. I think the most emotional part of the program was the last meeting, the topic of which was the impact of humans on the environment. We’ve discussed many issues and analyzed them in our minds. That day I realized that “you do not need a superpower to change the world, it is just enough to unite people and give them the opportunity to believe in change”. They say the road is seen when you take a step. Everyone has a superpower to take that step.

Unfortunately, I don’t own a magic stick to solve all the problems around the world. However, I believe that in order to impose a change, one must shake and question people’s outlook. I am certain that I can do a lot for my city that may become a motivation for the local youth. I am hopeful to have peace in the world so that everyone is capable of revealing their full potential. The change begins from a single person with a single action.

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If you are a young change enthusiast, you are welcome to join FYN to advance change in our community, society and beyond. 


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Storytelling written by Shushan Avetisyan

Translated by Liana Habeshyan

Edited by Mariam Avetisyan