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We are the Future, and we are HERE NOW. exhibiton

We are the Future, and we are HERE NOW. exhibiton

Alvard Hovhannisyan

In my collage you can see old papers with people stuck on them. The old papers are our old generations, and the people posted on them are US. If we want to create a good future right here,  we should learn from the mistakes of the old generations, take what they gave us , add our own, and start creating our future on it. It’s not necessary to eliminate what our ancestors gave us , it’s  necessary to take and improve them,creating new opportunities.

Ani Melqonyan

By making this collage, I transferred the images of my mind to paper. And I will describe it like this:

It’s very easy to dream, but it’s important to make it a reality. I think dreaming is pointless when you don’t understand the importance of it . Dreaming in itself is a wonder, which is given to everyone, but not everyone wants to realize it. One person dreams of owning a car, but takes no steps to make it happen. From my point of view everyone is ready to achieve the realistic dreams in their minds. It is true that in most cases it seems impossible, but what if it is created together with fellow people who share the same dream. When a group of people share the same thoughts and dreams, they are more likely to achieve perfection. And of course I guess that all that is possible with the fusion of love and intelligence. One without the other is impossible to create anything you have in mind. And as Mkhitar Gosh said, “Intelligence without love turns into cunning.”

These words have changed a lot in me, because when it turns into cunning, the exact opposite picture will be obtained. Love, tolerance and respect seem to be diminishing nowadays, people are changing, changing their mindsets, but these three basic concepts must remain unchanged to build the future, because the future is us, and we are here now filled with warmth, to preserve the old and create the new.

Arus Meliqyan

How did we lose, when today’s generation is stronger than ours. This is a collage, where I presented small parts of Albert Hovhannisyan’s father’s interviews.

“Hraparak” newspaper writes:

Artak Hovhannisyan, the father of Albert Hovhannisyan, who was the hero and symbol of the Second Artsakh war, has not been seen participating in any protest action or other event lately. It seems that the hero’s father is isolated from reality, he doesn’t like what’s happening now, but he isn’t an active protester. Albert Hovhannisyan, whose pictures were widely spread all over the world during the war, became immortal. In the memories of all of us, Albert must remain forever young, patriotic, and a person, who had big dreams and a lot to do. He’s the hero of all of us, who took the path of his heroic ancestors and became immortal.

“Every person thinks about her/his own self.”

They ask me:

  • Why did you give your car to the army?
  • I did well!

“There was a question of transporting the boys, taking food, what I did, I did it right. – says Albert’s father”. Albert Hovhannisyan sacrificed his life defending free Artsakh. He’s a real hero and will remain in our hearts forever. Glory to our heroes!

Gor Nakashyan

My collage is made in a retro style, which includes the past expressed in the present. There you can see various pieces, and the combination of which can be read in many ways. The collage also  characterizes the old simple life with its household.

Yelena Melqonyan

My collage expresses the pain and salvation of the Armenian people. I’ve posted here the phrase “All this was too much”, with which I want to show how tired the people are of constantly confronting the same problems. Also words that say if people don’t need something to say, they definitely won’t talk. This is how we all think. We’re thinking that our words are not important, we’re waiting for someone else to say it or act for us. We are all waiting silently, but who’s going to save our homeland…?

I also call you not to close your eyes, to understand the seriousness of the moment, to unite, to choose a real leader, and make revolutions in ALL directions. Create a new, free and independent Armenia with great faith and patriotism. After all, we are the future and we’re here now.

Zorayr Beknazaryan

My work represented the future in my imagination. The future is the most important and significant phenomenon for me, which pushes me forward to victory. The collage opens with an old man reading a book, who ignores his age and continues to educate himself. It is immediately followed by the green road, which is full of black debris, which symbolizes the difficulties encountered on your way. Along with all this, we also see people who examine people with an indifferent view of life. In my opinion, they are the people who always hold us back from our choices and goals. Along with all this, there are also motivational phrases. And flowers simply symbolize the freshness and delicacy of life.

Inga Tumanyan

In my art I highlighted human rights, especially that anyone can live their lives according to their insights of understanding life. We are all free to make choices and live our lives with our individual colors. 

Inga Tumanyan

According to the dictionary, vocal and instrumental play of sad, contemplative nature is called elegy. The basis of my collage the elegy  is elegy itself (at least its background is notes of Arno Babajanyan’s “Elegy”). It’s the way we see the future when we lose our hope for it- sad and contemplative. Apart from that reality are standing we- those who haven’t yet lost their hope for the future. It’s hard to accept, even unbelievable, but there are a lot of us and we are heading to an unknown future. So how do we make it right? All together.

Until there is no known future, we are certainly here. We are different, but we are here. The future is becoming reality by every second, but we are still here. We might be the future. Until…untill:)

Lucha Papikyan

The main ideas of my collage are rights and freedom because every person is free to choose their lives. I think we need to be so conscious in the future to respect others’ choices and we all must be free, living in a real democratic country. At the top of the collage you can see Taj Mahal, which symbolizes the freedom of religion. In the middle I wrote “me”, which is for our identity, as we try to be alike with  others. In the right part you see a shoe, and in the upper part of it is written that we all must have our own road, shape the future individually. At the bottom you see a DNA chain which symbolizes the bond of nations and the bond is strong, and if we keep that bond, we will have as perfect a world as that chain. 

Milena Adamyan

The base of the collage are we- Armenians. Every letter in the word “Armenians” characterizes Armenians scattered all over the world, and the dots between the letters are bonding us. Every letter shows Armenians’ values and characteristics that differ us from the world. “World” is fragmented and small in pieces. This means that it’s not important whether it’s big or not, and our unity is more important. 

On both sides of the word “world” there are black and white corners. The black ones are the events that once broke the people’s will to work and strive. And white is the positive influence on the life of the Armenian people. The idea is that, for those values, and thanks to which we can and should increase the white side, make the whole page white.

And what should we do to achieve that “white” future? We must live, live in such a way that we deserve to be on this earth. We have to love, love ourselves, the one that is around us and the one who is standing at the border at the cost of his life. And we must believe, believe in the future, not the future that others want to create, but the future that we will create. We.

Nane Hakobyan

In my collage I presented the “masterpieces” of the future life. The collage also presents the ideas of different young people, in this case the participants of the “Seed Change” summer school about the future, because it is us, the young people, who have to create that future.

I consider it’s important to note that the collage also contains a hidden advice that we should create that future with our own hands.

Nane Gharibyan, Nare Gyozalyan, Meri Gevorgyan

The main purpose of the collage is to show stress, its main causes and consequences. The majority of today’s youth suffer from mental health issues, frequent stressors, and prolonged periods of stress. Talking about all that is not customary and difficult for everyone, that’s why we can never know what the other person is going through.. The causes of stress are varied and different for everyone, no one deserves to be criticized for the causes of their stress. Especially when the cause of stress is an existential crisis, self-doubt, not being considered enough, any negative comments, especially from relatives, further aggravates the complex situation of the individual. The purpose of the collage is to advise society to be more attentive and tolerant and not to burden the other person by expressing their opinion.

The blue color is not chosen randomly, many works associate blue with sadness and longing. With this, we wanted to emphasize the soul that is still in the process of searching for itself, which will definitely have its bright “last stop” in the end, and will fill all the “empty cages”, becoming harmonious and full of love.

Nane Gharibyan, Nare Gyozalyan, Meri Gevorgyan

The idea of ​​the collage was summed up in the fact that only we are the builders of our present and, even more so, the future, and what is happening around us is a reflection of the sequence of our steps. Especially among young people of our age, there is often a pronounced manifestation of stress, depression and confusion, which affects both our physical and mental health and, of course, the quality of life. It is often difficult to explain in words what you feel, and the older generation approaches the complaints of young people with skepticism. He doesn’t listen, he doesn’t pay attention, he takes it lightly… which depresses the youngster even more and shuts him in himself. As a result, he remains alone, facing his problems and feelings. And what can a youngster do? Lose self-control and get stressed or take drastic steps to see the colors of life again. It is important to realize the responsibility for your own life and not to be afraid of making decisions.

The purpose of the collage is to emphasize the importance of your decisions and the ability to overcome your self-crisis.

Nina Gizhlaryan

There are scattered letters in my collage, which make the word “ARMENIA”. The dispersion of the letters is connected to the dispersion of Armenians.

This project is part of CDN’s annual work plan: “We are the future, but we are here NOW”. Frontline Youth Network organizes the exhibition.