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Trainings on “Promoting Peacebuilding Education in Public Schools”

Trainings on “Promoting Peacebuilding Education in Public Schools”

From November 18th to December 10th Frontline Youth Network conducted another round of sociology teacher training on the topic of “Promoting peace-building education in public schools”, during which around 100 teachers and students took part.

In this setting, participants obtained both theoretical knowledge and the opportunity to apply and practice what they have learned.

During the training our specialists referred to the topics about conflict and conflict resolution, the aim of education in the 21st century, international humanitarian law, different theories of peace and their use. Participants were given the chance to engage in and apply various methods of conflict resolution related to the aforementioned topics.

Regarding all training sessions, evaluation is conducted to ensure that the training is not solely self-serving. For us, the expectations of our participants, the effectiveness of the training and the retention of knowledge and practical application are of utmost importance. 

Assessment serves as a mechanism for examining and enhancing our initiatives.

Following the training, the team is currently in the process of analyzing the evaluation results. Reflecting on this training phase, let’s not only consider the ongoing evaluation but also strive to comprehend how the training was experienced from the perspective of our ambassadors.

Our ambassadors Mariam, Karen, and Nane provided us with their insights.


I participated in training sessions for social science teachers on December 3 and 9, focusing on the theme of peacebuilding. Both days were dedicated to equipping teachers with relevant information and educational tools.

The experience was truly captivating for me and, to be honest, a bit unique. Unique in the sense that the teachers underwent the same tasks that my peers and I did, but with an intriguing parallel, I observed that we, the young individuals, arrived at quite different decisions and solutions regarding the same aspects.It was inspiring for me, and I must also highlight the teachers’ eagerness and openness to new information. 

That is certainly admirable and highly motivating because, as a student, I aspire to be educated by someone who is consistently learning and growing.


On December 10, I took part in a training session for social science teachers, which I found highly engaging and informative. The teachers demonstrated keen interest in the course and actively participated during the sessions. I appreciated the diverse perspectives of the teachers on the topics and their enthusiasm for the course, expressing a willingness to participate in similar sessions in the future.

The commendable aspect was that the teachers sought the provided information not just for personal development but also to enhance the quality of education and resources they provide. They actively endeavored to incorporate new methods to make their upcoming lessons more engaging and meaningful.


Hello, I’m Nane. Recently, I took part in FYN’s peacebuilding training, which aimed to educate social science teachers not only from Yerevan but also from other regions. It was fascinating to witness the teachers in the role of a listener and observe their openness to embracing perspectives from younger generations. The training sessions were incredibly engaging, with the active participation and keen interest of the teachers being particularly inspiring. It’s worth mentioning that the teachers had varying perspectives, yet they were enthusiastic about applying what they learned effectively in their classes. Towards the end of the training, everyone unanimously acknowledged that not only did they gain new knowledge, but they were also discharged and recharged. It was a remarkable experience, offering the opportunity to learn, enjoy and reveal teachers from  another perspective.