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Peacebuilding Education: Teacher Trainings

Peacebuilding Education: Teacher Trainings

Within the framework of the “Peacebuilding Education in Tavush” project, funded by the European Union, a two-day training for a “Sociology” subject was held from April 29 to May 1. The purpose of the training was to present and test the textbook “Peacebuilding Education” among teachers.

The manual, which is aimed at integrating the peacebuilding component into the field of general education, according to the order of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Armenia №585-4/2, is guaranteed for use as educational material. The electronic version of the manual is available on the organization’s website here. The content of the manual was compiled by an expert team (meet the team here), as well as experts in the field of education and peace, including the professional team of the KZNAK Foundation. The training was preceded by three seminars, during which the content of the manual was presented, discussed, and tested (first seminar, second seminar, final seminar).

The training was attended by 20 teachers from all Tavush communities: Bird, Noyemberyan, Ijevan, and Dilijan. The expert group presented the content of the “Peacebuilding Education” manual with theoretical and practical components.

The following topics were discussed: peaceful resolution of conflicts and peace-building, human rights and democracy, as well as the state, politics, and culture. Each course emphasized the relationship of the topic with peacebuilding education and tested methodological tools to help convey this topic. The meeting was interactive and joint. Along with their topics, experts presented elements of non-formal education – games and exercises that make the learning process interesting. The meeting was constructive. Teachers and experts shared their knowledge and experience, discussing situational issues and offering common solutions.

At the end of the training, the teachers underwent a written and oral assessment; below are the observations and recommendations of the teachers on the manual and training:

“I can say with confidence that from now on the allowance will be a stimulating benefit for me, allowing me to conduct classes more interestingly.” Thanks to the organizers for this opportunity. In my opinion, such broadcasts and meetings should be more frequent.”

N. Sahakyan, gr. Ijevan:

“The manual is an incentive for the teacher. Practical work is enough. We have studied in more detail and learned a new term – peacebuilding, which we will definitely use on the course.”

S. Siradegyan, gr. Golden dance

“The project is successful. Moreover, the methods are very good. It is appropriate to use it in Sociology lessons.”

A. Melikyan, gr. Fort

“I suggest that at the end of each topic, there be a movie, cartoon, or slideshow with a QR code to make the topics more visible to students.”

S. Shiroyan, gr. Archis

The manual provides an excellent opportunity for the teacher to organize the lessons correctly. There are very good exercises that can be used in other lessons.

A. Azatyan, gr. Ijevan

At the end of the meeting, the expert group was invited by the teachers to visit the communities and organize meetings with students. Participating teachers were provided with a binary copy of the manual.

It must be noted that thanks to effective cooperation with the Department of Education, Culture and Sports of the Tavush Marzpetar, binary copies of the manual will be provided to all public schools in the region. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the next stage of the program is planned to create an educational game application for schoolchildren, “Mir ON”.

The “Peacebuilding Education in Tavush” program is implemented with funding from the European Union and within the framework of the sub-grant of the project “Civil Society Actors as Carriers of Change in the South Caucasus and Moldova” implemented by the “Man in Need” Foundation. “NPO.